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About Us


The vision of the Department is to attain the status of a leading academic centre, where future Zoologist and Environmental Biologists with high quality knowledge and practical skills-relevant to the societal needs- are produced.

Philosophy and Objectives
  • To provide a comprehensive training in theoretical and practical Zoology and Environmental Biology to students who after acquiring the qualifications can practice the profession in any part of today’s global world and also be eligible for post-graduate studies leading to M.Sc or Ph.D degrees.
  • To expose the students to a broad perspective of the natural sciences and the humanities through inter-disciplinary coloration in the first two years of the programme. Thereafter the students acquire depth in Zoologyand Environmental Biology as he/she progresses to his/her third and final years when, if he/she satisfies the requirements as spelt out in MOUAU Academic Regulations, is awarded the degree of B.Sc. in Zoology and Environmental Biology.
  • To emphasizeaspects of the programme, which includes Parasitology, Entomology, Ecology, Environmental Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Conservation of natural resources, Ecotoxicology, Physiology, Hydrobiology and Biotechnology. The broad objective is to contribute to Food Production, protection from parasites, conservation of natural resources, environmental amelioration and overall development of Science and Technology in Nigeria.
  • To equip the students with theoretical and practical work that will enhance their competence in various industries/organisations that will eventually employ them after their programme as well as making them self-reliant.
  • To develop properly and highly trained Zoologist and Environmental Biologist both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels who could research on various aspects of the programme, design and handle scientific equipment, make new discoveries in science and technology, be self-reliant with enhanced employment opportunities, provide adequate leadership, guidance and supervision of scientific project. Through these training programmes, the Department is contributing its rightful share in relieving the shortages of agriculture, veterinary and para-medical personnel/competent teachers and research workers in Zoology and Environmental Biology.

Zoology Programme started in the Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences, created in 1995/1996 academic session. The Department consisted of Botany, Zoology, and Chemistry programmes. In 1997/1998 academic session, the Department of Chemical Sciences was carved out to stand on its own. The remaining Biological Sciences was expanded to include an additional programme, Microbiology. In 2004/2005 session, Microbiology became an autonomous Department, leaving Botany and Zoology to constitute the Department of Biological Sciences. However, on 26th May, 2011, Senate approved the demerging of the two programmes and they became separate Departments where Botany was renamed Plant Science and Biotechnology, while Zoology that constitutes this present Department was renamed Zoology and Environmental Biology.