Principal Officers of the University: The principal officers of the University and their responsibilities are as follows:

The Chancellor:

The Chancellor, appointed by the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, who is also the Visitor of the University, takes precedence over all other members of the University. When present, the Chancellor presides at all meetings of Convocation held for conferring degrees. Every proposal to confer an honorary degree is subject to the confirmation of the Chancellor.

The Pro-Chancellor and the Governing Council:

The Pro-Chancellor is also appointed or removed from office by the Visitor. The Pro-Chancellor is the Chairman of the Governing Council of the University. The Council is charged with the general control and superintendence of the policy, finance and property of the University.

The Vice-Chancellor:

The Vice-chancellor as the Chief Executive and the Academic Officer of the University is appointed by the Visitor. He has the general function of directing the activities of the University and reports to the Governing Council.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor(s)

There may be one or two deputy Vice Chancellors academic and administrative. The Deputy Vice Chancellor assists the Vice Chancellor and may act for him in his absence or when he is unable to perform his functions as Vice Chancellor for any reason.

The Registrar:

The Registrar is the Chief Administrative Officer of the University and is responsible to the Vice-chancellor for the day-to-day administration of the University. By virtue of this office, the Registrar is the Secretary to the Council, the Senate, Congregation and Convocation.

The Bursar:

The Bursar is the Chief Finance Officer of the University and is responsible to the Vice-chancellor for the day-to-day administration and control of the financial affairs of the University.

The University Librarian:

The University Librarian is responsible to the Vice-chancellor for the administration of the University Library and the coordination of all library services in the University and its campuses (if more than one), colleges, schools and institutes as well as other teaching and research units.

Statutory Committees of the University Council and their functions

There are two major sub-committees of the University Council. They are:
a. Appointments and Promotion Committee (A&PC)
b. Finance and General Purposes Committee (F&GPC)
a. Appointment and Promotions Committee (A&PC)
Responsible for Senior Staff Matters; Appointments and Promotions
b. Finance and General Purposes Committee (F&GPC)

This Committee consists of:

i. The Pro-Chancellor, who shall be the Chairman of the Committee at any meeting at which he is present
ii. The Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor(s)
iii. Six other members of the Council appointed by the Council, two of whom shall be selected from among the three members of the council appointed by the Senate and one member to the Council by congregation
iv. The Director-General of the Federal Ministry of Education or, in his absence, such members of his Ministry as he may designate to represent him.

This Committee is responsible for financial matters

Congregation: This consists of:

a. The Vice-Chancellor and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (s)
b. The Full time members of academic staff
c. The Registrar
d. The Bursar
e. The Librarian
f. The Director of Works
g. The Director of Physical Planning
h. The Director of Academic Planning
i. The Director of Health Services; and
j. Every member of the administrative staff who holds a degree other than an honorary degree of any University recognized for the purposes of this statute by the Vice-Chancellor. The Congregation shall be entitled to express by resolution or otherwise its opinion on all matters affecting the interest and welfare of the University and shall have such other functions in addition to the function of electing a member of the Council as may be provided by statute or regulations.

Convocation: This consists of:

a. The Chancellor
b. The Pro-Chancellor
c. The Vice – Chancellor
d. The Deputy Vice – Chancellor(s)
e. The Registrar
f. The Bursar
g. The Librarian
h. All teachers within the meaning of the Decree establishing the University
i. A graduate of the University or a person that applies for registration of his name in the prescribed manner and pays the prescribed fees.

The convocation shall have the function of appointing a member to the council