The College of Natural Sciences (COLNAS) has its roots in the defunct College of Biological and Physical Sciences (CBPS), which metamorphosed into the College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CNAS). CNAS then housed nine independent Departments several of which were very large programmes. In March, 2013 CNAS was split into two large Colleges – the College of Natural Sciences (COLNAS) and College of Physical and Applied Sciences(COLNAS). Following its maiden Deanship election, Professor Ifeoma Irene Ijeh, a Professor of Biochemistry emerged as the pioneer Dean of the college. In May 2013, the College moved to its present location courtesy of the dynamic and visionary leadership of Professor Hillary Odo Edeoga. The College currently houses four Departments, viz: Biochemistry, Microbiology, Plant Science and Biotechnology, Zoology and Environmental Biology.

The current Dean of the College is Professor Vincent C. Eze whose Deanship tenure began on 23rd April, 2016.