The Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology runs a four (4) year programme.  In the first two years (100 and 200 levels), College of Natural Science (COLNAS) general courses and University general courses are covered while the first Semester, of third year (300 level core departmental courses are commenced.

In the Second Semester of third year, students embark on SIWES programme.  During this period, students are exposed to off-Campus outreach linkage programmes in industries, institutions.  Biotechnological companies, research establishments including health institutes where they gain practical experiences in their area of study.  The programme lasts for six months, after which the students writes a report of their experience during the exposure.  It is important to stress here that students on IT are not allowed to register or write exams during the third year secondsemester.

In 400 level, students complete their departmental core courses, as well as conduct a research project in any sub-discipline of the Department.  A report is written of the procedure and finding of the research project which is examined by an appointed external examiner.