Phylosophy & Objectives

From the start, the philosophy of the department was clearly outlined as part of the general philosophy of the University.  The department has thus offered courses of instruction to students of Agriculture/Chemistry, Biological Sciences and basic veterinary medicine at the undergraduate.  The department aims at producing graduate biochemists that are equipped in modern aspects of the discipline and aware of the needs of Nigeria and Africa in general in their area of specialty.

The degree programme lays emphasis on such locally important topics as

●          Biochemical  reasoning

●          Nutritional aspects of biochemistry,

●          Industrial biochemistry

●          Pharmacological biochemistry

●          Clinical biochemistry

●          Toxicology

●          Genetics

●          Medicinal plant

●          Food biochemistry

●          Biochemical aspects of the use of agrochemicals

●          Plant biochemistry and Biotechnology.

●          The final year projects are designed to address local problems from a

Biochemical perspective and the curriculum of the Department has been planned to   respond to the needs of industries without dramatic changes in course contents.                     

                Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Programme

The objective of the course is to provide a comprehensive training in theoretical and  practical biochemistry to students.  Such trained students can thereafter work as

◦           Graduate Assistant in Universities or

◦           Biochemists in Research Institutes

◦           Scientists in Industrial Establishments or

◦           Scientists in service laboratories of Hospitals

◦           They will also be eligible for post graduate studies leading to the M.Sc or Ph.D


The teaching of Biochemistry is spread through the second, third and fourth years of programme.  Through these training programmes, the department contributes its rightful share in relieving the shortages of Agriculture, Veterinary and paramedical personnel competent teachers and research workers in Biochemistry